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  1. Mianwalian world is such a wonderful and informative place. It is a great effort to high-light historical personalities who have contributed their sacrifices to their dear country. We salute to all our heroes and will remember them all our lives. Many many congratulations to team 786isakhel. Best regards and thanks.

    • Miss you Lt Col Muhammad Mumtaz Khan Niazi (Moach)
      Lt Col Muqarab Khan Niazi (Masti Wala)
      Capt Ammad Khan Now ex MNA NA 71
      Major Rana Ahsan (Kundian)
      Brig Farukh Waseem Khan (Mianwali)
      Major Iqbal Khan (Mianwali)

  2. i love in historical place in isakhel.
    very beautiful city and oldest city of isakhel.
    but only problem in isakhel poeple he takes mind durty every things.
    ok thanks to team 786isakhel……

  3. sir also add pls officers from mooch
    col shahid iqbal khan(2 punjab)
    major sami ullah khan(47 mp)
    major amir ahmed khan sindh reg
    major sibtain muhammad khan air defencr
    major kausar abbas khan cmi

    • and allhamdolilah mianwali is producing more nd more army officers therefore it is suggested that this website may updated on regular bases.

  4. few more names from mooch.brig (r) wasif khan niazi
    brig r aslam khan niazi
    lt col r isharat khan
    lt col r nusrat ullah khan
    lt col r safi ullah khan his son Lt umer khan
    maj dr kashif ubaid khan s/o of lt col r nusrat ullah khan
    lt col mumtaz khan defence housing lahre
    maj imran navy
    capt sami ullah khan
    maj r asmat ullah khan

  5. brig zubair masaood khan niazi
    brig inyat ullah khan niazi
    maj zafar ullah khan niazi
    they are also from mianwali

  6. Maj Gen (R) Nazakat Hussain Awan from Dhurnaka namal valley has been missed…In Volley ball…malik Nazaz Awan from Kalri has also been missed. He was player of Pak national volley team and Pak Army team during late 1980s having height more 6 feet.

    • AoA. I need help from your side. I want to find out Major General or Lt General Nazakat ali baloch regiment pak army. How can i find out? please let me know.

      • He served as Chairman National Accountability bureau Quetta with my father back in 2001/02 . He was course mate of my father and both served in Baluch regiment. Don’t have any further clue as I have moved over seas since then

  7. Maj Gen Sanaullah Khan Niazi embraced Shahadat (martyrdom) this morning. He was returning after visiting troops posts on Pak Afghan Border,” the military said in a statement, adding that the incident resulted from an IED planted on the road near the border.

    May ALLAH PAK rest him and other shaheeds in Peace.

  8. May the Soul Or Maj. Gen Sana Ullah Khan Niazi Rests in eternal peace, and may Almighty Give a special courage to his family to bear this great loss.

  9. i salute to all army officers of mianwali………………..and i m missing my mamu maj gen sana ullah khan niazi frm daudkhel

  10. Also add following Army Officers from Tabbi Sar please.

    1. Maj Gen (R) Arshad Gul Khattak
    2. Brig (R) Atta Gul Khattak
    3. Col Saif Ullah Khan Khattak
    4. Lt Col (R) Syed Azam Shah Bukhari
    5. Lt Col Israr Khattak (late)
    6. Major (R) Munawar Shah Bukhari (Late)
    7. Major (R) Muhammad Iqbal Khan Khattak
    8. Major (R) Abdul Rehman

  11. Aoa .. Salam to all saheed and gazis of pak armed forces from mianwali….
    My request is that you should include in this list Engineers too.. We belong to village Aba-Khel. we live in faislabad. as my father is serving ther for more then 27 years in wapda.. Currently he is working as A Supretending Engineer .. At Fesco. HE has done his masters from Texas Tech University america in Civil Engineering and enviormental sciences. did his beacholers from U.E.T Lahore.. he is an honest, and upright person….. i request you to add my father;S name in the list of people from mianwali who advanced in their fields
    Regards. Muhammad Bilal Sharif
    I wish u contact me soon for details . hoping my wish come true.. please

  12. Brother u missed another Lion of Land
    Capt.(R) M Alam Khan. Military Cross . AMC core. Born01 Dec.1916
    He is Tarikheil and still alive with full senses and good health. MashaAllah .

  13. Brother there r so many other officers of mianwali who’s names u have not mentioned ..like Maj Gen Inayat Ullah Khan Niazi and Brig Asmat Ullah Khan Niazi (ESAKHEL / TARAG)

  14. Please add more following Army Officers in Tabbi Sar.

    1. Major Ajmair Bukhari-Tabbi Sar
    2. Captain Falak Sher Adil-Mado Chanda

    • i miss Major General sana niazi shaheed………….WORLD REMEMBERED THE BRAVE PEOPLES…

    • Please add Lt. General (R) Aslam Shah & Brigadier (R) Iqbal Shah from Yarukhel. they were brothers. Lt. Gen Aslam Shah remained Corp Commander (Lahore) & Mangla. He was cousin of my Grand Father

  15. salam brother kindly add: Maj General Inayat Ullah Khan Niazi and Brig Asmat Ullah khan Niazi from Isakhel.


  17. please add the name of my grandfather lt gen m aslam shah HI (M) Sitara e bisalat and Hilal e Jurat and his younger brother Brig M iqbal quraishi. They are frm Yarukhel .

  18. Please add the following :-
    From Latif Abad Uday Wala (Kamar Moshani:

    a. Lt Col (R) Shaisa Mir Khattak
    b. Pilot officer Nauman Hakim Khattak
    c. Lieutenant Muhammad Owais Khan Khattak

  19. Nauman Hakim is graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Science (PIEAS) Nilor Islamabad and got commission in Pakistan Air Force as Engineering as Pilot Officer.
    and Lieutenant Muhammad Owais Khan got commission in NAVY after passing intermediate from Army Public School and Gujranwala.

  20. L.Nk Faiz Muhammad T.Bt ko Mari indus k Bjaye Mari City Likha jaye aur atamgha basalat 23 March 1978 ko announce hua

  21. This is strange; what makes you mention lt.col.xyz, major xyz… they are not somebodies. Broaden your horizons and think big. As for musakhel…… there are numerous guys in Army from Musakhel. Brig. Tariq Abdullah is also from Musakhel.

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