Mianwali is a District with a rapidly growing population, most of which lives below the poverty line. Neglect of the lower cadres of population by consecutive governments in Pakistan gave rise to the need of alternate organizations addressing the core issues of illiteracy, health problems and many others faced by the ‘have not’s.The history of NGOs in MIANWALI is very old. NGOs in Mianwali have played an important role in creating awareness of issues such as human and legal rights, women in development, and overpopulation. Others have provided badly needed services such as basic health care, water and sanitation, and employment opportunities to underdeveloped areas. By showing their ability to succeed where the Government has had difficulties .In recent years NGOs have become increasingly important players in designing and delivering community-based programs. Today NGOs in Mianwali range from completely voluntary organizations with small budgets contributed by volunteers to those run by well-paid full-time professionals .

NGOs in Mianwali can be divided into several broad categories:

* Those involved in advocacy and lobbying

* Those involved in policy issues and debates

* Emergency, rehabilitation and relief organizations

* Those involved in implementation of development project and programs,

* Including service delivery organizations and CBOs (community based organization)

In this we are trying to maintain and update the comprehensive directory of all the major NGOs Working in Mianwali for your information and NGOs links have been given for providing you maximum information and guidance please

Khawaja welfare society was established in 1992 in a meeting of elementary school Tarag when its general body was selected. In this meeting a resolution was passed to continue the free eye camps in Ramadan. Khawaja welfare society is named after Hazard Maulana Khawaja Zain-ud-din Chisti Nizami. He migrated from Mukhad Sharif (Dist, Attock) and resided on the west side of Tarag to guide the local population towards right path. Now there is an Eid Gah and Madrassa.


UMED stands for United Movement for Education Development. UMED is basically working in Isakhel District Mianwali Punjab Pakistan. UMED team is aimed to provide every child their basic right of education.At the moment with sufficient resources UMED is providing limited number of children facilities of education , health and boring out their living expenses. With the passage of time as the resources will get mature we will be entertaining more.


Khalid Welfare and Development Organization is a non-profitable, non-governmental organization established in 2009 and registered in 2009 under Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration & Control) Ordinance 1961.


The Mianwali Youth Development Society (MYDS) is a Non-Profit, Non-Political, Non-Religious Program to foster and translate talent and excellent of adolescents and youths of Mianwali. In the process the community, abandoned, sick and un-served are linked and benefited in a relationship of symbiosis and interdependence with the youth of Mianwali. The MYDS is a platform for youth from Pakistan to become leaders of tomorrow by focusing on training driven interventions for youth. MYDS will enable its members to understand how they can excel in life and make the nation proud. Using education, knowledge, dedication, self discipline, selfless service, dialogue, democracy, perseverance and unity to attain an accelerated development in MYDS.


Ehsas Welfare Foundation is purely non-profitable, non-governmental, social, educational and cultural organization established for the welfare of the humanity based on mutual help free from all sorts of political motive.


Imam Khomeini trust a proverbial name today, very close to the hearts of all lovers of Muhammad and Aal_i_Muhammad (May peace be upon them) was founded on 30 August 1982.By the grace of ALLAH and special favors of IMAM_I_ZAMANA (A.S) it has since taken long stride and is today One of famous Scholar Allama Syed Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi Al_Najfi.The trust stands at Mari Indus in Mianwali district witch is north westem remote district of Punjab.


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  1. no doubt these organizations working deliberately in mianwali but this work mst be more and more because we are living in an backward area but we must sure we will make lagend for our country inshallah.

  2. dear admin
    assalam o alaikum
    aap ki ye website hamain bahot pasand ai hy, magar abhi is mein bahot c maloomat adhoori hain, misal k taur par NGOs k silsily mein sirf 2 ngos k naam diay gaye hain,,,,,, alkhidmat foundation b bahot accha kam kar rahi hay magr is ka naam tk ni hy.

  3. Recently I,ve become familiar to the site. U know when ever u try to sortout the echelons in any field of life, hopefully a “””Lala/Shina/Niazi (by virtue of origin only cast get secondary)or Bhira””” will be amongst the Egg heads in that field. Long live our beloved Land of Sultan Zikria sahb. J Janjua

  4. I am glad to know that several NGOs are working in Mianwali to enhance the social, political and economic development of the area. I appreciate their work and dedication for the benefit of locals of Mianwali.
    I would like to ask for your help that could you plz tell me tat what is the major issue of Mianwali, socially, politically and economically. As I am a researcher and for my Research work, I need to conduct ethnographic Study of Mianwali to know the hurdles in the way of region’s development.

  5. Dear Sir,
    we are working from 2009 under the registered Organization by the name of Unique Development Organization Trag Tehsil Essakhel District Mianwali. Unfortunately, still we are not include in the directory of N Go’s in District Mianwali. so as a president of above cited Organization, we are humbly request to you that please include us not only in your page and we also requesting to you just please visit our organization and see how we are working for humanity.

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